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Continuing Education Events

Denver Springs provides continuing education events with emerging and relevant topics for professionals within the behavioral health and addiction field. We offer a variety of topics each month and provide a welcoming space for learning and networking.

Professionals in the field of mental health and addiction are encouraged to attend regardless of credentials. Each is led by qualified or licensed presenters who are considered experts in their respective fields.

Registration is required to attend a training event.

Youth Suicide is Preventable

WHEN: 3/4/21 at 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

WHERE: Virtual via Zoom

PRESENTER: Cory Watkins, Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Foundation

Suicide is ranked as the 2nd leading cause of death for our youth ages 10-24 and specifically for our youth ages 12-18 (middle and high school age youth). Suicide knows no economic, social or ethnic barriers in its impact on our youth. Youth suicide is not only a leading cause of death for our nation’s youth…it has been declared one of the leading causes of “preventable” death for our youth. The key word here is “preventable.” Prevention’s foundation lies in raising awareness and providing training that enables individuals to be better equipped to recognize and respond to young people who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. The training of educators, not to be counselors but to be better able to recognize and respond correctly within a school’s protocol, is one of the best actions a community can take in suicide prevention for our youth.  Denver Springs, in conjunction with The Jason Foundation will be offering a free CEU virtual training on youth suicide prevention. This 1-hour webinar, via Zoom, will educate your staff on current statistics, warning signs associated to youth suicide, and vital resources they can use to further educate themselves, their students and their communities.