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Emergency Mental Health Services in Denver, CO

In a medical emergency, dial 911 immediately.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, including a drug or medication overdose, call 911 immediately.

For a mental health or substance use crisis, contact us 24/7 for immediate access to care.

We provide emergency mental health services for adults ages 18+, including those who are experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis, such as risk of harm to self or others, significant emotional or behavioral changes, or impending or active withdrawal symptoms.

What We Treat in Emergency Mental Health Care

Like medical emergencies, mental health emergencies can occur unexpectedly. Emergency psychiatric help is necessary for those whose clinical presentation requires treatment in an inpatient setting for their health and safety, such as:

Suicidal or homicidal thoughts or gestures

Chronic and continuing self-destructive behaviors (including substance use) that pose a significant and/or immediate threat to life, limb or bodily function

Admissions Process: What to Expect

Check In
Upon arrival, our staff will help you feel welcome and comfortable while we verify your identification and collect basic demographic information, as well as health insurance information, if applicable.
Vital Signs
Next, our team will perform a vital signs assessment that includes temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and pain assessment. If vital signs values are within guidelines, our team will conduct a mental health assessment.*

*However, if vital signs point to an existing medical condition requiring treatment, a transfer will be made to a local emergency department for evaluation and necessary care. Once medically stabilized, you or your loved one will return for mental health assessment. If vital signs values are within guidelines, our team will conduct a mental health assessment.

Effective mental health care, including emergency psychiatric help, begins with a confidential assessment to discuss your physical, mental, social and emotional health history with a member of our experienced, licensed staff. The initial assessment will help us understand what brought you to our care and how we help you find your path to mental wellness. If you choose, you may request assistance from an accompanying family member or friend. It is important to share accurate and thorough information in order to connect to best care for you.
Treatment Plan
Upon completion and review of the assessment, our medical and clinical team will recommend an appropriate plan of care to ensure your safety and well-being. In the case of a mental health emergency, care may begin immediately.

We offer a range of programs from inpatient mental health stabilization and addiction treatment with around-the-clock care to outpatient programs of varying lengths. Treatment is designed to stabilize your mental health, understand the root cause of your concerns, and develop healthy coping and maintenance skills to move forward.

Upon completion of our treatment plan, we will connect you to the appropriate network of continuing care in the community so you can maintain a happier and healthier life.

Contact Us Now

When you need emergency mental health services, call immediately to speak to our behavioral health professionals who are onsite 24/7.

There’s hope. There’s help.